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Chairs and Tables

To bring joy and comfort to all  who use Ergo products and services. 

To develop, manufacture and distribute preferred quality office furnishing systems with total customer satisfaction at competitive prices. 

Ergo was the first to introduce Ergonomically designed chairs from Europe to the Asean market in 1986, and has been the leader in quality office furniture in the region ever since, growing and evolving through the years.

As the very core of ergonomics is comfort and efficiency, such is the standard in which we innovate Ergo products. We build on the basic fundamentals of ergonomically designed furniture, and expand that philosophy to integrate fashion and style to create an excellent product. In this way we aim to manufacture the best quality furnishing solutions while finding the best value for any budget, 

The customer is always the priority. Ergo prides itself on its uncompromising premium service to compliment the reliable solutions with current design trends in their products. 

Ergo excels not only in its product design, but also in the overall customer experience. In turn, every project comes with our commitment to deliver total customer satisfaction with teamwork, integrity, and excellence. 



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